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St. Paul's


In the mid 1990's due to a change in Israeli law, Focus on Israel were informed that their activities within the land had to become an independent local charity.  The local Va'ad (board members) agreed to name the new charity 'St Paul's'. This was to identify with our centre of operation, which is located in St. Paul's Church, Jerusalem.


St. Paul's Church is a well known landmark within the city, as it is the only Arab Anglican Church in West Jerusalem. St. Paul's Amutah have been operating out of this base since the early 1970's. It had been empty for some time, so initially we had oversight of the whole property, however, the International Anglican Church later made the decision to make Jerusalem its own Diocese with jurisdiction for Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The top sanctuary was taken back with the desire to reinstate an Arab speaking congregation.

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Opening St. Paul's 1970's                   Preaching in the main sanctuary                           Coffee bar for young soldiers

ST. Paul's Amutah, a change of name, but the the ministry is a dedicated as ever to serve and love the people who live in the land.

The activities in this amazing building has varied over the years. From an Expat Congregation, Coffee Bar for soldiers, a facility for local Messianic congregations, additional teaching space for a local Messianic School, and a temporary abode for Shevet Achim, a social care ministry for Arab children who have congenital heart conditions.

Today, following significant refurbishment, St. Paul's in partnership with FOI has developed clean and comfortable study/worship centre, which can accommodate small group Tours, cultural outreach teams and prayer groups (conducted by FOI from the UK). The facility is also made available to local congregations and groups to run bible studies, prayer meetings, worship events and much more.

On occassions other UK Christian groups or individuals can book (on a donation basis) all or part of the centre for their own use when not occupied by FOI groups.


St. Paul's Centre

Close to the heart
of the city

Away from the
hustle and bustle

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