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I was glad when they said to me, "Let's go
to the house of the LORD."
Psalm 122:1


FOCUS ON ISRAEL provide tours to Israel for believers who desire a greater
understanding of God's word and a heart for God's people.

We have different kinds of tours for ministers, students, church groups, family groups and prayer groups.

You will visit well known biblical sites, some 'not so well known' ones; have God's word come alive like never before, share great fellowship, and meet with local Jewish and Arab believers.


"After joining FOI for one of their tours, I returned with a deeper understanding and connection to the scriptures and how much I am loved by God.

I returned home with a heart for Israel and the Jewish nation like I never had before. I had found the roots to my faith and a greater understanding of how deeply I am 'grafted in'. I want to return."

Why are our tours different and unique . . .

With Focus on Israel you do not just get the standard tour. Firstly, we have our own dedicated centre right in the heart of Jerusalem. It is suited for small groups up to 10 people and has a wonderful 'community atmosphere.
It also means that we can keep our prices low!

Our leaders know the land and are exceptional teachers of God's word from an Hebraic perspective. Most say that they have never experienced teaching like it before!

We have close relationships with many Arab and Messianic groups throughout the land who will take time to share their experience and insights of living the land and sharing their faith.

Amazing times of fellowship, prayer at strategic places throughout the land and special moments of ministry and worship.




FOI Educational Tour
November 21st - 3th 2022
Led by Robin Baker & Mark Baker

FOI Leaders Tour
February 2023
Led by Mark Baker & Nigel Tween


FOI Chairman’s Tour
March 27th - April 4th 2023
Led by Rev. Mervyn Tilley


There will also be more tours for 2023. Please return to this page in the near future for more info.


Which tour is right for you?


Study Tour

If you are a believer who would like to discover more about the land of Israel and grow in your faith this tour could be right for you.

Minister's Tour

If you are a pastor who would like to explore the land of Israel, take time to study God's word with other ministers, check this tour out

Study Tour

Our specialised study tours have been carefully crafted over a number of years to provide a combination of onsite themed studies of God's word from an Hebraic perspective, fellowship and connection with local believers.

It is probably our most popular kind of tour as it caters for every level of christian experience. Not only does the Bible come alive in a way that it never has before, but as many have testified to us, it  has radically transformed their personal relationship with Jesus and taken their faith to another level.

Quite often tour members end up booking to come with us again on a different study tour .

Minister's Tour

Leading people in the ways of Jesus, is a special and priviledged calling. We are convinced that as part of their own journey, every church leader should visit Israel at least once in their lifetime.

FOI has created a unique small group tour for Pastors and church leaders that not only provides an opportunity to get to know the land, but to explore together biblical theology as Jesus and His disciples would have. To question, discuss and explore.

This tour is led by our leaders who have a vast knowledge of the land, |Hebraic teaching and are experienced pasters themselves.

FOI Tour Form
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Get In Touch

If you would like to join one of our tours or would like more information, please send us a line.

Please also let us know if you would like us to organise a group tour for your church, leaders, home group, students etc. use the message box to let us know any details and month/dates that you have in mind.

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