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Hebrew Prayer Books

Journey of a Lifetime.

A new book written by our Chair, Mervyn Tilley

They say that visiting Israel at least once in your life,
is a must for every believer.

That is not always possible for a range of reasons, family ties, financial constraints or work commitments, just to name a few. Then there is uncertainty of whether it is right to go due to the conflicts and political controveries that ensue. Sadly, Israel for many has now become a complicated place, it is rarely out of the news, mainly for wrong reasons and peoples’ negative opinions.

Yet, if you do take the opportunity to travel through its alleyways and avenues, you can experience something that is completely life transforming.

On the rare occasion you come across a man like Mervyn Tilley, who has spent a lifetime visiting the land, exploring its biblical significance and investigating the historical sites. If you get the opportunity to hear him talk, it is most definitely worth listening to the wealth of knowledge that he has gleaned over the years.


If however, you are still not in the position to visit the land, he has taken the time to write a superb book that contain a collection of his most treasured thoughts and memories. They are exactly how God has spoken to him over the years of visiting Israel.

It has been well written, tastefully designed and intermingled with range of excellent photographs.


"Last month I attended your live FOI Talk. I did not know

exactly what to expect, but I must say, it was worth joining. The teaching was excellent, amazing insights, never heard anything like it before. I thought that both speakers connected very well and at times very funny. Excellent, thank you. I have already booked my place for next month."

                                                             Jenny, Scotland.

Here is Mervyn in his own words:
“I would like to invite you to join me on this journey of reflections.
It is probably true to say that someone else visiting the very same places would have a completely different take on what I have observed. That in a nutshell is what makes the Bible such a wonderful book and what makes the land of Israel such a wonderful place to visit.
Over the years I have read the whole Bible through from Genesis to Revelation over 100 times and I have also visited Israel over 100 times and yet on both counts I feel as if I am still paddling in the shallows. It will take eternity and beyond even to begin to understand the riches of his grace.”(Eph 2:7)


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